Bomgar Client Remote Support from your Customer’s Perspective

The BeyondTrust Customer Client enables customers to interact with representatives during remote support, chat or presentation sessions. Because it is the most secure remote support solution, BeyondTrust places a top priority on user controls.

Customers Can Override Remote Control

Relinquishing control of their mouse and keyboard can be a bit intimidating when a first-time user experiences remote support. The BeyondTrust Customer Client reassures customers they are in control, even while you are supporting their system. Customers can always regain control of their computer just by moving the mouse. All major actions the rep takes are permission-based. For instance, the customer has to grant permission for the rep to view the screen, take control of the mouse, and initiate a file transfer. Also, a big red ‘Stop Session’ button in the lower right corner of the customer client gives the user the ability to end the session easily.

Customers Can Limit Remote Control

Administrators can enable even more user control by requiring that the user specify which applications to share. For instance, if a user is having trouble with a PowerPoint Presentation, the user can just grant access to that particular program without sharing the whole desktop.